Deceased Estate

It can be a very hard time going through this momment, trying to separate rubbish from memoriables and valuables.

This can be emotionally draining and physically exhausting. In these cases, instead of burdening yourself during a difficult time. Don’t put yourself through the emotional torment of clearing out a deceased estate.

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What is Deceased Estate?

A deceased estate refers to the belongings of a person who has passed away such as property, assets and money. In Australia, there are no inheritance or estate taxes.

This services is usually held in trust until the transfer of the deceased estate to the individual/s listed in the Will. There are many things to do following the death of a relative or friend. One of these will be to have a complete clearance to clear the unwanted items/rubbish inside the property.

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We specialise in full deceased estate clearance to make sure that all the unnecessary items are taken care of.


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